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Category:2020 films Category:2020s Hindi-language films Category:2010s Hindi-language films Category:Indian films Category:Indian romantic drama films Category:Indian multilingual films Category:2010s multilingual filmsThe present invention relates to water treating and dispensing apparatus and, more particularly, to apparatus for dispensing selected quantities of bottled water. Many homes and offices are now equipped with air conditioning, and a large proportion of them are served by systems which provide for making purified water for drinking or for washing and rinsing food. In some such installations, water is mixed in a water faucet with water in a purified tank to supply, in the form of an aqueous solution, a selected quantity of water for drinking or for washing and rinsing purposes. This is done by means of a dosing device which, when actuated, delivers a predetermined quantity of the aqueous solution into the faucet. In some of these installations, the dosing device is operated by pressing a predetermined quantity of water into an open-top cup attached to a rigid tube which is forced into the dosing device and operated manually to dispense a measured quantity of the aqueous solution into the faucet. This arrangement has the advantage that it can be operated without a time-consuming effort to locate the dosing device at the proper location, as well as that it is safe to operate in case the user of the faucet is not able to reach it. However, it suffers from the disadvantage that, while the water in the cup is being dispensed, the cup is contaminated by the aqueous solution. It is a common practice to reuse the cup in which the water is dispensed, but this brings about a dilution of the aqueous solution which reduces the effectiveness of the dosing device. Furthermore, with this arrangement, the bottle is simply placed on a ledge, and water is poured into the bottle. With a large number of bottles being used, the bottle-stands or holder may be quickly filled and must be cleaned periodically. Some installations use a dosing device which is adapted to be mounted to the side of the purified water tank. The dosing device is usually operated by a predetermined amount of water being pumped from the tank through the dosing device by a suitable pump. In this case, there is no contamination of the bottle by the solution as the bottle is still full, but the dosing device must be located within easy





Lakshmi Full Movies 720p Torrent bunver

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