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Native Black Cypress Pine (Callitris Endlicheri) 20 Seeds, Australian Native

The Black Cypress Pine has a sturdy stem with blackened bark over its maturity. Dark green foliage with leaves in triplets. Male catkins occur in clusters, female catkins are individual. The tree can hold its seeds for several years after maturity. Very hardy, frost and drought resistant. Australian native.

Well drained soil with full sun.

Propagation: Put seeds in a container of moist vermiculite with lid on it, until seedling emerges. Once seedling has emerged, place in small pot with good potting mix with good drainage. Keep damp, but not wet, and keep in shade, (preferably under a tree) out of direct sunlight until maturity starts to develop. In winter, with at least 1 foot of growth, can be transplanted into garden in full sun. Keep watered throughout its early years, with good mulch. Please be patient, seed germination can vary.


Please check your states quarantine regulations before purchasing as I will not be held accountable for any seeds that cannot be in your state. Thank you


Native Black Cypress Pine (Callitris Endlicheri) 20 Seeds

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