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Gorgeous Double Petal Hot Red Geranium Seeds x10

This to me, is the perfect geranium. 

Similar to its red single petal sister, this double petal geranium, cannot be beaten in terms of fast growth, constant flower production, and always looking bushy, green. The colour of this flower is so richly red, that the camera has a hard time to focus on its detail. 


Adaptive to almost any climate (can even tolerate moderate snow fall)

Great garden filler, with growing upwards to well over 1.5m in height and width. 


This beautiful red geranium will never let you down. No matter the weather, it is always green, and always flowering, all year round. Fantastic as a garden filler, hedging, pollinator, and bee/insect attractor, animals naturally gravitate towards it. 

This particular variety is DOUBLE petal. Has a very strong scent, as most geranium does. Can easily be grown from cuttings. Makes a beautiful flower in vase also. 

Drought tolerant, frost hardy, requires minimal water. Full or partial sun. 


To grow from seed:

Fill a tray with good potting mix , seed raising mix and sprinkle seeds on top. Dress a fine layer of vermiculite on top and water with gently as to not displace the seeds. Cover with a container or lid until germinated, and then gradually let in more air once seedling is established. Once established and looks mature, take out in full sun.

Gorgeous Double Petal Hot Red Geranium Seeds x10

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