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Senecio angulatus, also known as creeping groundsel and sometimes as Cape ivy.

It is a perennial, climbing, succulent plant from the family Asteraceae of the genus Senecio that is native to South Africa.

It is a scrambling and a twining herb,  whose form is a dense tangled shrub 2 metres (6.6 ft) tall or a climber to 6 metres (20 ft) high, if suitable support is available.


This Climber can grow for over 50 years and if taken care of by annual pruning, and can be a wonderful looking screening hedge. It is extremely drought tolerant, provides a great windbreak, fantastic for noise and gives great privacy. It is fast growing and plants can be grown from cuttings, or it will most like self sow.

It attracts lots of bees when the flowers are open, with the addition of much wildlife such as nesting birds,  and many insects. Green all year round, no matter how dry the weather/temperature. 


To start from seed, place seeds in seedling containers with good seed raising mix, and moisten well. Keep moist and covered until germination. Germination rate depends on temperature. Once first cotyledons show, keep moist but not wet and covered until first lot of true leaves emerge. Eventually take away cover and keep seedings in full sun (if winter) and partial shade (if late spring/summer).


Please check your states Quarantine/biosecurity regulations, I will not be liable for any confiscated packages. This falls on your responsibility. Thank you in advance. 

30 x Climbing Groundsel (Senecio Angulatus) SEEDS

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