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Peach Seeds For Sale from 70 Year Old Peach Tree.

Old Fashioned variety, existing before the days of commercial propagation. 


This peach tree, no matter how neglected it has been over its time, has always produced beautiful, deliciously sweet fruit. Over ripe peaches makes delicious jam/preserves.


It has been on my property for over 70 Years, and the elderly who live in this area, tell the stories of when they were children, how this peach tree would always be a favourite in the late summer. 

It  has grown in a clay/loamy soil.


This tree at this age, is barely watered except in the spring to produce a good crop of fruit, however I would suggest with propagating seedlings, these trees in their early years need good moisture, depending on your climate zone. 


Once established, your watering can be reduced until spring time where I would suggest moderate fertilisation and water. 


The peaches themselves are sweet, delicious and pull away easily from the seed. The centre is yellow/orange, with a beautiful pink centre. They are even tasty on the more firmer side or ripeness. 

Fruit is ready to eat in mid February and finishes  mid March. 


This plant is deciduous and will drop its leaves in the Winter. All pruning should be done then. 


The grow these seeds, I would advise to put them in a pot with a mixture of good Earth and potting mix. Keep the seeds moist, perhaps with a cover over the top of the pot until shoots sprout. This could take anywhere between 1-4 months, depending on your climate. Once shoots sprout, water moderately.

10 x Peach Seeds from 70 Year Old Peach Tree

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