The Dialogue of Mother Earth

This language, an unspoken one, yet so powerful. Yes, it is the language of Mother Earth. Without the use of words, Mother Earth tells us of another way of life....

Abundance abounds

A life filled with endless beauty and eternal passion from a Source unknown, yet flowing through us all. She conveys to us her feelings through the seasonal changes of our Planet, with her passionate ebbs and flows, intuitively pulled to adjust as necessary…. for she too, communicates with the world around her…Her planetary siblings of our Solar System, all taking their guidance from the most radiant light bearer of all —Sol.

Mother Earth responds to us—the Human family, and yet we also respond to her—either through empathy and love, and an appreciation for her Creation, or through force. If we are not listening, Mother Earth can force us to face her in confronting and aggressive ways.

We as humans of Earth, can get so caught up in our lives on this Planet that we fail to see the beauty and abundance we can have so freely. We plant one seed, and thousands of seeds are given in return. It is clear to me, that this is the true nature of living on Earth.

Many of us nurture and understand the importance of developing a deep and personal relationship with Mother Earth. I know myself, how much my life is richer due to her presence in my life, and I am by no means referring to the figures of a monetary bank account. There is no manmade currency that can substitute this type of richness.

David Austin rose bed barely even planted!

Since establishing El Noor back in late 2017, I see how my life has changed dramatically. Of course, there is and has been a lot of hard work, but with a little patience and time, Mother Earth responds to one’s effort. I am seeing, and feeling that response.

Venus & Shallaha having a little snooze in the geraniums

My roses have growth on them that has made some of them over a meter tall. Their growth is so tall in areas, in fact, that I’ve had to stake them, so they don’t snap in the wind. I have been conditioning this soil for over a year, with sawdust, and most of all--Urine, the ultimate fertiliser, which is very safe for animals to be around.

The growth of my Persian roses is extraordinary!

I have so many buds on my roses –that this year my garden is going to be a sea of colour and perfume. My Persian roses are bursting with buds, some bud clusters 10 or more in number, I cannot wait to see their flush which will most likely be in the next week and a half.

Blush Damask ready to burst!

However, I seem to have gotten a permanent house guest—Mrs Fox. Mrs Fox (and me) both got the shock of our lives yesterday and this morning. I was in the Persian rose garden yesterday afternoon, and unbeknownst to me, Mrs Fox was sleeping soundly about 2 meters next to me in the grass. When I dropped my shovel, she bounced out of the grass in a fright (and frightened me in the process) and ran into the fence, and hurriedly scampered away across the road.

Mrs Fox running away

Not thinking this would ever likely happen again, I went back to the Persian Rose garden this morning, to pull some weeds and lo and behold, out bounces Mrs Fox again! Not only does she put herself inside the fenced area to sleep, but I have checked and found there to be a permanent ‘rounded’ little bed right in the rose bed amongst the grass!!!

The chickens are safe. They are not out in the paddock unless I am with them. And truly, I do not feel Mrs. Fox is a threat-despite what has happened in the past with Mr. Fox a couple of years ago. Mrs Fox is very very comfortable here, as are most animals that dwell around this area. There is an abundance of life untold here, and I am grateful for it, and I feel this is because of the love that permeates the Earth here. The animals and insects feel it. So do I.

Mrs. Fox is simply existing within this cycle of life, and is worthy of life and respect just as any other animal is also. She is only doing what she knows and I understand that. I do have my boundaries and she knows this, but sometimes she gets excited and I find her at the gate looking at me first thing in the morning.

The seasonal change has been extreme. Mother Earth has allowed me to experience snow at El Noor Gardens for the first time!

David Austin Rose Bed snowed over!

It was a strange week of weather--one day it was 28 degrees, two days later it was snowing. I have never seen snow in Australia, let alone at my home. The last time I felt snow was in Bucharest, Romania 2013.

Freezing Vegetables!

I did have a little concern that the snow would burn the new growth on my roses but the snow melted away in an hour thereafter and everything was fine.

But who would've thought? Snow in Springtime!

Old Fashioned Bourbon Rose Bed

A week later, and I was back up in the desert. Hot, dry and dusty--a stark reminder of how the weather can change with only a couple of hundred kilometres. It was fantastic to go back to wild of the Flinders Ranges. Here is Wilpena Pound--many of you are familiar with it as it is featured in my latest film Stardust & Aliens: Wild Encounters of the South Australian Outback.

Beautiful Wilpena Pound

I spent a week with my old family friends, including Mumpy down below:

This wild frontier, so freeing and grounding, I recommend anyone who wants to get back to Earth, to visit the Flinders Ranges.

I was put to work.

It is a land that has to be experienced to be understood I believe. Pictures can only take one so far. It is where my heart beats closest to Source. As I mention on Stardust & Aliens, there is no place that satiates me more than this one. I feel so lucky to have entered the Earth at this location.

Very dusty and dirty!

But El Noor Gardens called me back one more time, and it was wonderful to see my gardens after 5 days of absence. Everything was beautiful and lush. Even my hot house trees: (Durian, Avocado, Mango & Chocolate Sapote) were doing fine without their daily watering.

Endless bounty

Spring at El Noor has been the wettest I have experienced here and its been a blessing like no other. To not have to water by hand, or with irrigation is a luxury beyond words!! Those of you that own land in dry climates know what I am talking about!

Harvest & drying

There is so much bounty here that I hope to share it with you all someday. I hope I can share with you my roses, seeds and dates, and inspire you to also try your hand at gardening. Even if you don't have much land, allow Mother Earth to work out all that 'fine detail'. She will grow if you let her. We have seen the resilience of her power and love, and she has created and grown in the most toughest and awkward places known. Allow her in, and she will love you and take care of you like no other will.

Mother Earth about to bellow on my garden!!

Until next time, may you sow the seeds of your dreams,

~Andulairah xx

Beautiful double petal Red Geranium

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