The Cosmocraft workshop

Yes, its coming! I have been busy putting the final preparations on presenting to you Cosmocraft, a comprehensive guide into the world of manifestation, and creating the life that you desire for yourself. Everything that I practice as a witch is featured in this guide- a no frills guide into the world of magick, a high science that can be applied to everyday living into manifesting exactly what you want for yourself, and creating the life that you dream of.

I go into the schematics of how this is achieved, and how you can apply these techniques into your own lives.

Along with this book, there will be a workshop that is offered, which will be a full video series of one-on-one teachings with me going into the world of Cosmocraft, and I will guide you step by step, of how to incorporate these teachings into your own life, showing you how to get and have anything you want. I will teach you how to lay a solid foundation in which to achieve this, and show you just how accelerated manifestation can happen. The Cosmocraft workshop will be offered for $99 and will not be available publicly.

You can sign up for the workshop in the spellcraft section of this website, and keep up to date of when the workshop is available to purchase and download. I want to say here, thank you for your patience, for those of you whom have been waiting for this. I am excited to share with you everything I know, and may you too, learn to become masters of your own destiny.



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