The Beautiful Deception Of Perception

The world in which we live is in a constant state of change. Every event precedes and succeeds the other, formulated into a perception that we in human skins, have chosen to experience in a linear fashion. At least this is the global experience. Just because you are one in this global family, doesn't mean its 'rules of reality' have to apply to you and your own individual experience. The truth of it is, that your reality IS what you decide it to be.

If your reality is to eat eggs on toast for breakfast then it is so. If your reality is to walk beside the lake everyday then yes, this is your

individual reality. If you fight with your wife everyday, then this is yours also. You do make your own rules- and this happens whether you are consciously aware of it, or not. There is nothing outside of yourself that is the result or the cause of the way your life turns out. You decide to open your eyes, put your feet on the floor and take one step after the other.

Dynamic as the Planet Earth is, our human culture is comprised of belief systems & paradigms that too, have preceded and succeeded each other forevermore.

Catalysts and events, no matter how small or big, serve in whatever capacity they need to. Some don't serve at all. It is all a matter of perspective. My perspective is different from yours. My truth is different from yours. Each of our realities is made up of our own belief systems which create our destiny and mark our fates. If you do not believe in something, it will not exist in your reality. Those of you who do not believe in the act of war, do not experience it. It may very well have surrounded you, but you do not experience it directly. Those of you who do not believe in greed have not suffered its consequences. If you can honestly admit you are not greedy, yet you see greed around you, then perhaps you are serving as an example to others...but ultimately you form your own reality. If you believe in fear, you will feel it as it strikes your heart like a galelvun sword, but your friend sitting next to you on the bus on the edge of the cliff, has a smile on their face, for they do not feel it at all.

There are more worlds than you could count, and in your own private experience you each contribute to this world we know as Planet Earth. Each of us has formed it to what it is now. Your physical bodies alone are equipped to perceive far more than you presently give them permission to do so. Physically, you are a part of every other human upon the Planet Earth, and each of you has an intimate connection with each petal, frog and fire--much beyond any written word that I write here.

You also choose the city, the state, the land and even the country in which you live. No one or no thing forces it upon your will to stay unless you are looking for an excuse to remain. So too, do you choose your 'psychic' land. You can even travel from one psychic land to another, just as you journey on a jet aircraft into other parts of the Planet Earth. Some of the greatest travellers and explorers have not even left the country of their birth. Ever seen Michelangelo's travelling??

The world in which we know, is exceedingly different from one moment to the next, with each minute portion of consciousness choosing its reality from an ocean of infinite probabilities. Immense calculations far beyond our understanding, are only possible due to the inexcusable freedom that resides within those micro worlds inside your very own skull. A freedom that is very much known to being ignored and used as superfluous passing thought.

Whatever is happening in your world, is not the fault of anyone else's but your own--unless of course, your belief system tells you otherwise. The infinite radiance of Source loves us so much that our expanse of creativity is limitless.

You create your reality.

You create your own reality.

You create everything that exists within your own reality.

Know your power! You are great.



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