The Art of Trusting Your Intuition

It seems so easy to do when one thinks about it, right? But how many times have you been caught in a situation where you cannot, for the life of you, work out what’s right (or not right) for you?

We’ve all been there, and many still are. Souls that are not able to discern between their Mind and their Heart. Or that gut feeling. It’s a real art form to be able to discern the difference- but once you do, there is no looking back, for you will know the difference between the two.

So to first understand the difference between mind chatter, and the heart fuzz, let’s talk about them and how they relate to intuition.

Mind chatter: constant talking within your mind that 75% is nonsensical. Can be a huge brain fryer and can keep you awake at night. Is prone to make one crazy at times, and to outside influence e.g. technology, societal trends, boyf’s & girlf’s and BF’s, pets, parents.

Heart Fuzz: That sensation/feeling when you first see/smell a beautiful flower. When you look at someone you love. When you see family members/friends that you haven’t seen in a long time (the good ones). When you hear your wedding song played over the radio. When you really know that everything’s going to be okay.

Gut instinct: Your first automatic impression before you colour it with your thought and mind. When you literally feel something in your gut. Like a weakness or a sensation. When something doesn’t feel right, but you shut it down for paranoia. When something tells you to turn the corner, and you don’t know why (and it’s out of your way to do so) but you do it anyway. When you don't/do like someone, for no reason, upon meeting them.

We know what heart fuzz feels like. It’s the most sublime, assured, beautiful, unconditional feeling one feels. This is the feeling to trust when it comes to intuition. Your heart is directly attuned, and has a constant dialogue with your higher self, and the bottom line is, if something feels so good, then how can it be wrong?

The body understands heart language, and your intuition is like the needle of the compass that guides your heart in the right direction.

All well and good, but it’s when the mind chatter, gets in the way of discerning these intuitive vibes that makes soul very confused. And naturally, once a soul is confused, then the emotions get thrown into the mix and it just becomes messy… not to mention exhausting. And so, therefore, how can one determine the difference between mind and heart? More than likely, they cannot.

Mind chatter is a normal, natural part of being a human on planet Earth. But too much of it can be a burden. So to minimise mind chatter, here are a few tips to help minimise it in your life:

1. Simplify your life

2. Get rid of unnecessary things in your life

3. Meditate

4. Create a relaxing, sacred space for yourself

5. Eat a clean diet

6. Minimise technology/social media use

7. Get out in the garden & nature

Once you feel you have minimised the unwanted mind chatter, you will find it much more easy to trust your intuition and that gut feeling, for it will be the heart talking to you 95% of the time, translating itself throughout the body. It will come very naturally. Listening to your intuition is a natural state of being for the human.

Be Kind to Thyself


A xx

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