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Tethers of Transition...

Greetings, Beauties of Earth,

As I sit and write to you on this cool, fresh morning at El Noor, I look around and see the sparseness of my decision to move from here.

Maybe it doesn't look so sparse, but it is, these items, are the only things really left in the school house, as everything has been either thrown out or moved. The black couch is staying, the brown one is coming with me. The microwave, which I got from my cellar, I have been using to warm my 'heat rock', which has been a godsend for me at night time here at El Noor. It is actually made for baby animals, and You warm it for 8 mins, and then you put it at your feet and have toasty feet all night. It is an upgrade from a hot water bottle, and stays warm until late the following day.

El Noor is green, luscious, and taking a deep breath, as she soaks her toes in much needed rain.

This time of moving and relocating has been a highly transitional one for me. Every few days, I will load up my car, and drive to my Ancient Grandmothers house and unload my items in her stables. The poor old stables haven't had any care or life in them for 50 years or so. I am happy to take my plants there, and even though they will stay in pots, it will be nice to see them flowering in the stables. I have even put my fridge, lights in the stables and will begin to tidy them up, as this will be where I will be spending most of my downtime, if I am not down working in my new store.

There are also old garden beds that have had vegetables in the past, and I am excited to put in hundreds of new lettuce and spinach seedlings, which are bursting out of their containers, ready for the ground.


The bounty has been endless at El Noor. I am forever picking and eating fresh greens every night for dinner. The spinach is still going, but I have been also eating broccoli, and I actually eat the entire plant- broccoli leaves and all. They are delicious. They are some of the easiest plants to grow, so if you've been thinking about growing your own, please do, it is one of the easiest, most rewarding experiences.

The transitional times have also applied to my personal life. If I am being completely open with you all, I have lost my aunt this weekend. Her death has shocked my entire family, and was totally unexpected to us all--even me. As a clairvoyant, people may think "well, wouldn't you foresee this?"

Not necessarily.

My faith with the Higher Realms has always guided and provided information and clarity as it is needed. I know from my total experience from having constant commune with the Unseen Realms, that some information is just simply 'off limits', for I know should know better, that if I was to become privy to such information about an imminent death, I would not be able to withhold that information.

Full of mystery and wonder, just like our existence...

Nature needs to take its course. I understand that, better now than I have ever before. It does not make it any less easier to deal with, however, that I can assure you. Even to this day, I have had information, and even dreams of people's impending deaths, perhaps people I have known, or friends of friends etc... and I am not able to speak on this to them.

However with my own family or close friends, I know I could not withhold this information and Spirit knows this about me. Out of my own selfish love for them, I would need to say something to someone within my family, to try and change the course of the fate drawn. A human trait that anyone, whom loves their family and friends, could empathise with.

Death has a fantastic way of forcing one to reveal what is important in life. It confirms to me my recent decision of choosing to open a storefront, because it FEELS right in my heart. I remember the night Spirit hit me with the vision. It keep me awake for hours and hours...images flooding through my Deeper Vision. It is passionate, creative living. And I know without a shadow of doubt, that this intuitive living IS the correct way of living. At least it is for me.

I live by the words that were spoken by a Star man:

" You must learn to listen to the voice from within, for your inner divine self will always guide you towards the path of your own evolution. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves more, and live in harmony with the ways of your Planet Earth."

Anything other than this, to me, is not living to ones fullest potential. I breathe these words. I remind myself of this phrase everyday. It fills me with strength, with love, with passion, knowing this is the right way of living, despite everything swarming around us all that seems to be the opposite of this. I have seen the truth of existence, expressed through my gardens at El Noor. I have seen the love, the abundance, the beauty that Creation is, and offers. This to me is truth.

My faith in this way of living is steadfast, and will forever be my guiding force throughout my lifetime.

So, I continue to work towards this new chapter. The chicken girls Deema, Venus, Erethae, and Shallaha have all been told we are moving, anyway, I suspect they know this already without me even saying a word--animals are highly telepathic. Not only this, they see the moving happening around them!

The packing well underway...

On top of this, my chook Erethae has been gravely ill. She has forever had issues with laying eggs, and although I have long suspected she has a hormone imbalance, as of late, she has been very unwell.

We will miss this beautiful Apostle bird family!

Erethae has not laid good eggs for a very long time. Most of the time she lays "Ghost Eggs"... as in she will sit and lay an egg, and go thru all the mannerisms, but there is nothing there to show for it. She also has a spur growing out from her foot (a rooster thing) and has been a bit of a bully to her little big sister Shallaha, so the girl seems to have a little bit of testosterone pumping through her veins.

Still, it's awful seeing her so sick, or any of my chooks sick. I cry and sit with them for hours when they are unwell. I sing to them, talk to them, and try my best to help them. I have known Erethae has been off for a couple of days--her walking is a 'waddle', and her abdomen is swollen. Next came the temperature.

I've never read online how to gauge whether a chicken is having a fever, but after seeing Erethae yesterday morning, I knew she had a temperature. I picked her up, she was hot, tight in the abdomen and very very sick. All she wanted to do was to sit in water. I made her a bath in the kitchen sink, and let her rest in my arms as I gently poured water over her abdomen, and she fell asleep exhuasted.

I could also tell from observing her comb, that she was extremely hot--a chicken's comb is usually a nice healthy red colour, but Erethae's was so red, and even purple-red on the backside, and that fact alone, I knew she was really struggling. I suspect that the comb 'regulates' a chickens body temperature, and although I have not seen this online, I tend to think it does regulate it to some degree- or at least indicate where their body temp is at.

So here is Erethae, inside the house, resting. She stayed in this bowl of water for almost an hour, not moving, panting very hard, drinking every now and then...and it was really touch and go.

I knew she very much could be on her way out, and was very much expecting her not to see out the day. She has been sick before but not this sick.

Still, despite her being sick, she did eat a little, and I was happy to see she was drinking.

Here she is again, later in the afternoon, in the water again. The weather yesterday was the first nice day we've had in over a week. IT was the first day where the sun was shining all day. It was luscious.

Here's the girls with Erethae later on, keeping watch.

Later on, we all went out in the paddock as I did yet another load onto the car, and Erethae was happy to watch all of us, underneath the shade of it.

As I put her to bed, I realised it could be her last sunset, but she is a strong, feisty chook, so I was very pleased to see her alive and standing this morning when I went to get them out of bed.

Today, she seems a little better. Her comb is not purple anymore, and seems to have come back to a more normal temperature. She also doesn't seem to be panting anymore. The panting yesterday was alarming. Still, she is slow, and only wants to rest. She is eating, and drinking. It's hard to say what will happen from here on, but at least she's comfortable.

One thing El Noor Gardens has taught me, is how to really read animals and their behaviours. How to be patient, and sometimes, just how to relax and let go. Animals know what they are doing, even if it appears to us, that they don't.

They know.

Mrs & Mr Crow are back 50 hundred times per day because they have welcomed a new baby in their family. They come, get food, and then I hear them feeding the squawking baby all thoughout the day in a nearby pine tree. Eventually, they will bring the baby over, but unfortunately, we leave in a week from El Noor, so I am not we will be around to meet baby.

Things are budding out and blooming. I am warmed at seeing baby roses sprout from months of dormancy in the fridge. I have a video on my El Noor Gardens Youtube showing how to do this. So far, so good, and they are in the shade house.

Also, my Hardenbergia, an Australian native that I bought from Foodland a couple of years ago, is looking gorgeous right now!

A very 'female' looking flower!

So, like many of you, I live a passionate existence.

Nothing is carved in stone, and we are free to accept or create the ways in which we choose to live our lives. Everybody will and can choose to live what they see, feel, touch or matter what is happening around them. It may take a concerted effort, and even more so in our day and age because everything is right in front of our fingertips but it can be done. Some of you may have noticed I have pulled away from social media, deleting my Instagram account. I will be posting only at @elnoorgardens and my shop insta @worldofehluuen. How many insta's does someone need??? I have also since deleted my Facebook page. I will continue to post at my website here. On my website, there is no outside influence, ads, or other things. I like knowing it is my space to do as I wish.

The ancient candles featured in my new shop!

For example, some of you know that I am going to be living with my ancient grandmother, who is almost 100 for a time, until I find my next home.

My ancient grandmother, loves watching TV and having lights on ablaze every night. I know this will bother me, so what I am doing, is setting up a 'living space' outdoors in the stables. I have my fridge there, and I will also be setting up a light there, and even putting my sofa out there. It will be a nice way to experience life, for a change...and I know being in the stable gardens with my chooks, I will get the space and peace I need.

There is nothing worse than intruding on someone else's way of life, and l would never want to impose on my grandmother, so allowing her to have the space she is used to, and me spending most of my time out in the stables, feels good to me. Once I set it up, I will post some pics.

Erethae enjoying the rose

Even though its not ideal, in the fact that it is not my own home, I have always made the most of any living situation, and peace of mind truly is a space and not a place.

I can still garden, I can still grow and smell flowers and roses. I have a nice space to do this, and the blessing of my grandmother, so it gives me the opportunity to turn an old, forgotten stable garden, into an alive space of abundance and love for a time. I like the challenge of it.

So, go forth, in the best way you know how, living with your hearts, being at peace with yourself, where you are at in your lives, for truly, it moves by in a blink of an eye. Trust in the decision that you made to be here, to live this experience, to enjoy a physical expression of your Divine self.

It doesn't matter what you do, just do it to the best of your ability, in the flow of your authentic self. You decide it all. And even though we live in a time of great upheaval and change, you still have the power to create and live how you wish, in accordance to your own personal beliefs and volition. You can observe or participate, to whatever degree you wish to.

Sending you all my warmest blessings, and good salutations,



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