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Summer Time Just Around The Corner...

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Greetings Good Souls, all over Planet Earth!

Well, it's been awhile since I last posted, and thought I would give you a little blog update.

In South Australia, we're moving into Summer. If you've seen some of my other El Noor Blog posts, you'll know that our Summer's are hot, dry and seemingly endless! Well at least last year, it felt like that. El Noor was full of heat and plenty of mosquitoes.

When I would be constantly bitten, I would think about my time living in the Daintree Rainforest and the thought would pass my mind ..."hmmm maybe these mossies in the South aren't that bad after all... -_-

Most of you that follow me online, will know that personally, its been a highly transitional time, as it is with many of you around the world I am learning.

I have moved from El Noor Gardens, have signed the contract to sell it up, and am moving on. I have an elderly grandmother that has been needing some assistance, but as of late, she has required some respite, and is in an aged care facility. So, I have been looking after her dog, garden and home.

I actually thought my potted roses and palms would do quite well over the Summer, but it turns out, they're not. They desperately need to be put in the ground, and most of them are now being put in the ground. Some are doing fine in pots, but come the scorching Summer, and they will be no more.

So, to counteract this, I have made a 'rough as guts' shade area, which is a little eyesore, but it does the job. And the chooks like it too. So if the chooks are okay with it, then so am I!

Many might wonder, "Andulairah, why would you leave all that you've created out at El Noor?"

Well, its a good question, with an easy answer. It was simply time to move on. Im not someone that ever wants to become accustom to stagnancy, and El Noor certainly was not coming to that, but there were some other variable factors (that I have spoken about on my YT channel) that came into my final decision, and since making that decision all those months ago, I am now certainly glad to have listened to the intuition and moved on. There have been so many new developments with the surrounding area of El Noor, all I can say is, is that I am 100% relieved to have made the choice. If I had left it, I would be dealing with all of that madness out there now, and I am glad I don't have to.

I spend most of my time out in the shed, doing what it is I do: creating, being in the flow of passionate frequency, but the shed is getting warmer now and will most likely have to move to my grandmothers sunroom.

I have the dog Charlie who is a constant sidekick, and whilst he too, is going through his own transition of my grandmother leaving him, he is his own force to be reckoned with.

Don't let his 'easy going' manner fool you, Charlie, 14yrs, has bitten the postman on his bike--twice! He better be counting his lucky stars!

The chickens have adjusted as well. Naturally I felt bad in the beginning taking them away from the vast landscapes of El Noor, but they have huge gardens to play in and scratch around most of the time. They enjoy their bed that I've made for them and so long as I'm around, they seem to be content.

Erethae enjoying some watermelon

Venus more charming than ever!

Summertime has the chooks looking a little dirty and grubby, everything gets so dry!

If I am being totally honest, Summer is my least favourite season. For a gardener, it's a time where a huge amount of effort is needed in order to keep things alive. Last Summer was a big effort for me, and by the end of the Summer, I was feeling quite brittle, lol, and I spoke about this many times. Have Summer rain was a total Godsend, and I remember crying when the rain came after Feb/March 2021 I think it was, from December 2020. What a relief! And I only had 2 acres, can't imagine how the farmers must have felt.

Granted, I feel like I am living a life of luxury now, I sleep in a sealed house with no mosquitoes, rats, spiders, ants, or mice even. My poor old house out at El Noor had constant activity. I was woken up at least twice a night from rats and mice scampering around the ceiling.

One beautiful thing that has happened this year, was my first ever "El Noor" Rose. This rose came from a rose seed. It is my first successful seedling that has got to the growth period of giving me a rose! Its a funny looking rose, but I think it looks pretty.

First ever El Noor Rose!

And due to my lack of success in previous seasons, I did not tag the parent plants, so I am actually not sure what type of rose it is. It looks like a Hybrid Tea to me. (well certainly a hybrid!)

Storming this 'avo, I hope there is some rain in it!

I also thought I would quickly mention, that I am in the process of recording the audio of my novel "The Erunasis Medallion".

This is an EPIC novel which almost busted the reams at Amazon. It took over 10 years to write & publish, and by the time I uploaded the manuscript, Amazon wouldn't accept it because it was just too BIG.

Audio of Erunasis Medallion Coming Soon!

Recording the audio is a mammoth undertaking, but I'm getting there. If you follow me on YT, you will know when it will be uploaded. I hope the prologue will be uploaded soon.

Creativity is the currency of love & passion. Let it flow through you.

In the meantime, I'm hearing cracks of thunder coming from the West. I am going to dash outside to see what all the fuss is about. May the Gods send their Divine Elixir down today!!

Much love & radiance,


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All looks amazing. Down to you, your dedication and hard work. Long may you prosper.. Yes the little dog looks a handful lol.. Bless.. Hoping for rain for you. Here in the UK we are settling into the thros of winter.. Brrrr. 🙄.. Much love to you

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