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Spring: The Awakening

Greetings Good People Of Earth!

Thank you for joining me on these blogs and reaching out with your kind thoughts...even sharing your own journeys! It's been a whirlwind few months, moving with the ebbs and the flows of life.

To the loss of my beloved Shallaha, to having an impromptu on the Youtube channel Third Phase of Moon, the Universe does bring it in all its wonder and beauty.

No doubt, you all know how busy things are when one moves to a new house. There is much to be done, and in my case lots to be planted. Thankfully, I've planted out most things--namely fruit trees, as a priority. The hours of the day have been liquid; time just melts as I immerse within the day, and before I know it, it's night time.

My new 'El Noor' is moving slowly into Spring, and in these high desert, ancient lands, Spring has mildly warm temps (anywhere between 22-29 degrees), until the onslaught of Summer, which will be the real test. I already had fruit on my trees, and buds on some of the citrus which is very promising. I certainly wasn't expecting either so early on in the planting process, but I am joyful it is happening in the first season of my new home.

This is a 4-grafted stone fruit tree: 2 peach & 2 nectarine varieties...bursting with little fruit! The ants have been wonderful pollinators throughout, walking up and down thru the flowers everyday.

This is a 3-grafted apple tree. The flowers are gorgeous! They have opened now, and since its been very windy, are a little whipped around.

As I mentioned before, my beautiful "Big Little" chook Shallaha (my biggest chook out of my 4, but the smallest personality), has passed over into the Eternal Cosmic Fires. She has battled being unable to walk, which came on overnight over a month ago, and has not been able to walk since. Intuitively, I feel the cause has been developing over the months prior. Still, I nursed her, and shuffled her around on a pillow and made her comfortable until her very last breath. Any animal lovers or pet owners know the grief of losing a beloved animal friend. I am happy she is no longer suffering, and her will to enjoy life, right up until her last day, was an inspiration to me. Shallaha was named after the Temple Goddess of Babylon out of my book The Erunasis Medallion because she was so lovely and silky. She loved nothing more than sitting in my arms and having cuddles. She is now with her sisters Deema, Erethae, Aziza and Amina.

Venus, is now my lone surviving chook, and we are together incessantly. I know she must be feeling the loss of her sister, but animals process death so much differently to humans, and I am sure they both knew what was coming.

On another note, sometimes when I am working in my shed at my jewellers bench, or threading through small seedlings, I listen to youtube, most UFO/alien related videos, or anything garden related. I was listening to Third Phase of Moon's livestream and hooked up with their video system. Little did I know, as I sat there threading through my seedlings with my tweezers, that Blake would pick me to share my opinion about some of the footage that was sent into them!!

If you click on the above image, it should take you to the video and you can hear me sharing some thoughts. I like that they interact with their listeners, and have watched their channel grow throughout the years.

Speaking of UFO's, Ive been working on a new little series called Overlords Of The Solar System: its been a doozy, production wise, because my little laptop is having huge issues with keeping up with the processing/edit which has kind of put things on a hold. I hope I can still keep going with it as there has been a lot of work already put into it.

Tech and I haven't always gone well together, so I may have to invest into a new laptop. The one I have now is a refurbished used one, and I am reluctant to buy another one. Obviously because they are very expensive, but mainly, I do not want to support an industry(s) that exploits the slave trade/child workers, particularly in Africa, where a lot of the raw ores/minerals such as cobalt are mined in order to give us batteries for our devices. I am very conscious of products that I used and am extremely interested into the origins of where they derive. Sometimes it feels hard to escape the consumerist models that have been imposed upon the people of Earth as what other alternatives are there?

New tech, which could end this exploitation and control have been kept under wraps in those shadow private industries, never yet to see the light of day in the public sector...I hope this changes in our lifetime. I hope there are many many drastic changes we see in our lifetimes. But we also must become the change we want to see.

I almost got a hammering last week with the above storm. A harrowing hail storm was forecasted and I was hoping I would miss it on a sunset walk. I barely just missed, and felt very thankful to Mother Earth! A gentle reminder from Mother Earth just who's boss!

Very strange, yet beautiful weather has been revealing itself, and I have been taking some moments of it to share and document.

Beautiful big sky country, it fills your heart like no other. The blues, pinks, purples of the sunset have healing properties, I feel this.

The majesty of Mother Earth forever humbling...

For those that live in densly populated places or small spaces, I hope these visions can give you a sense of peace, for when you feel a little claustrophobic in your area, breathe deep, close your eyes and think of these wide open spaces...quiet, serene and endless.

A very sacred, highly charge place of power, made over 10 years ago! Where I love to come most nights and make my love & acknowledgments for All That Is known. Do you have a similar place? You can even make one in your home if you want.

Many of you know that I don't have a bath or shower. Im in the process of ripping down walls and cementing a bath. Its a mess. Today I've ripped out the toilet on the right hand side...

I've also been scruffing up my cementing skills again by making a table outside my house over the weekend. Its coming along...

...but its tiring work!!

Im happy to put the time in now, because once summer hits here, life out in the gardens is hard and extremely hot, which will be the real test.

Some (especially family) have also certainly questioned whether I can build a concrete bath, but I am certainly willing to try and find out!

I am not afraid of failing, or messing up, because what's the worse that can happen? You just start over. I accidentally stepped on top of an ant nest a few days ago, and nicked the top of it. The ants scattered in disarray but as soon as I moved out the way, I watched them immediately order and organise themselves again and got to work with fixing it immediately. I felt bad of course, but was inspired by their automatic response of 'restoring order'....we can learn a thing or two from them.

Lupins have finally flowered and are making my space beautiful. Seeing ladybugs is also heartwarming. Life is slowly being attracted towards my space.

Ive also spent a lot of time back at the jewellers bench, inspired to make pieces ancient and full of love and beauty. Nefertiti is forever inspiring to me, so I made this piece in honour of her...

I hope to bring more pieces once the workload slows down here.

But still always making time to be out in nature, grounding and in that beautiful dialogue with Mother Earth...

Gorgeous moon rises...

Lots of cassia in flower...

Hare's Foot Plantain...

And Gorgeous apple buds!!

Ive also been back in the kitchen, baking homemade bread. This is a simple, vegetarian pizza loaf with olives & cheese! Too easy to eat.

Making food with your own hands has to be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

If you are not a cook, try your luck--you might just surprise yourself at how good you are. Eating food from your hands infuses what you consume with energy. It can be very healing, highly beneficial, so be conscious of the food you intake and how it is prepared.

Savour every bite and give thanks for all the life forces that aided in your sustenance! There is ALWAYS time to make good food. If you find you work a lot, you can always prepare in advance. I know a lot people also enjoy the process of cooking, finding it quite therapeutic. Are there any out there that feel this way? I love feeding others also.

The night is upon me now, I bid you all a fond good evening wherever you are around the world. May your days be happy, peaceful ones, doing what you love to do the most.

May you always be blessed by the Supreme Truth & Love of the Cosmos

Until next time,



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1 Comment

Sandra Larsen
Sandra Larsen
Sep 16, 2022

Hi there from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. I have followed you for many years. I love the passion you have for everything you do. I really love these blogs. When I read them I feel you are writing a letter to me. That shows how good you are at what you do. Thank you so much for including us in your life. We are heading into Fall and then winter. I live in the country on four acres. Gardening is a challenge with wind storms as high as 150km in the summer and I've seen much higher in the winter. But I love gardening so much I just keep on changing what I do to find the secret of…

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