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Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Greetings All

I thought I would start blogging about news of what I am up to, whats been happening and most of all, sharing my journey of my property development.

Many of you have asked for me to 'keep you updated' with whats going on in my gardens, so I thought why not start sharing it here? is my first original channel, online for many years. is where I sell my products & services of the esoteric nature.

Naturally, many of you are aware of the recent news of Youtube taking my original Andulairah channel down, citing termination due to "Copyright Infringement". As a longtime creator of Youtube, I am well aware of what is allowed (well I thought I was) and have never had a copyright strike against my channel. To wake up one morning to many emails from you guys asking me "where is my channel" had me stumped and of course, I went to see what was going on- lo and behold, my channel was gone.

I have since reached out to youtube and have yet to receive a response from them. Needless to say, I am at a loss for what really happened, and why, after so many years of good standing, would my channel be suddenly taken down with no warning, no strikes, no nothing. It was and is, a weird, strange painful experience, but I have since moved on and have created a new channel, which many of you have already subscribed to. I take this recent conundrum as a catalyst for growth and procession. The day it happened, I spent hours upon hours in my gardens, sowing seeds, preparing rose beds and planting a couple more date palms, germinated from seed.

Nature and gardening has a healing effect over me like no other, and often when I need to clear my head and receive insights, I go out into my gardens and talk to the Earth, immersing myself in Goddess Energy. It works a charm.

Anyway, whatever happens, I will continue with sharing new content and insight as they come to me. I will continue to post new meditations (Ad Free). Actually all my new videos will be ad and commercial free. I will no longer be subservient to corporate pressures of the world. How many of my videos have been 'demonetised' over the years is innumerable. Naturally, this is a significant chunk of income for me, and I do hope that by my extension of generosity of doing this, that you will also find it within yourself, to support me by perhaps buying my meditations/products or becoming a Patreon of mine.

Despite the challenging week, I am optimistic for what is to come. Nothing ever happens by chance, and I see the bigger picture much clearer now. I am looking forward to the opportunities to come. Life is full of magical mystery, and when one door closes, another opens...

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