Subliminal Nights....

I'm often asked what are the most important items to put on an altar. There are some that I could do without but hands down, one of the most important items on my altar are my plants.

Whilst I'm in the midst of building my altar space in one of my cellars, and also in the process of building one circular terrace altar outside, the altar that I have created is not complete without plants.

Why plants, you may ask?

Well plants are alive. Having anything on your altar space that is alive and breathing is going to greatly enhance all that you perform, invoke and prayer upon at your altar. Even if you had your cat on your altar, it would greatly enhance your work. But a cat won't stay there 24 hours a day { or maybe it will, if it likes it there :) }

The good thing about plants is that they're happy to stay on your altar 24/7, and as every object on this planet holds consciousness, like crystals, rocks and resins, plants also have a sentience.

They feel everything you think. Everything you say. Everything you wish. They know you. Better than you know yourself, probably. They know what you think even in the next room. Even 100 miles away. How is that possible? You may ask. How are many things possible?

Scientific experiments based on the schematics of Charles Baxter have shown that distance is obsolete when it comes to plants. It's as if linearity and distance is not in their plantcabulary.

So coming back to your sacred space, imagine then, having plants on your altar? They would charge your space like no other, holding and maintaining that energy field you create, and recognising the unique signature that you have so consciously (or unconsciously) imprinted upon their leaves, every time you go back to perform your rituals, time and time again.

I always talk about conditioning the energy in your space. You do this with or without consiciously knowing it. Subordinate points are forever surrounding us, and they gravitate towards emotionally charged thought and intent, like a magnet. So when you draw in these subordinate points, they in turn, create energy fields, resulting in a conditioned space of highly charged, focused energy. Plants recognise this, and thrive in these areas (positive energy field). They in turn, will give off an enhanced version of the energy you have created, as you can see below.

My Colocasia palms were prehistoric in size, living next door to my altar

Practising the old ways, one will come to learn the sacred marriage between nature and homo sapien. And truly, there really is no between, because we are all ultimately unified. And this unification, when acknowledged, gilds one's life with such majesty, such grace, that all the answers one is seeking, will be found in every direction one glances~ in nature.

May you All be blessed by the supreme Truth & Love of the Cosmos,

A xx

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