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Greetings From Sacred Lands!

Phew! Well, its been a long while since I last posted on here--November last year, in fact. As many of you know from my Youtube vids, like many of you, I have been living through times of great transition. No matter how uncomfortable transition may be, I am a firm believer in the ways the Universe works, and forever surrender myself to the greater powers of the unseen forces at work.

We all must be reminded that we do not walk this path alone--even if we spent an entire lifetime physically on our own....there is a great spiritual network surrounding us on the Earthly journey-from the moment we enter, until our very exit. They are with us through the joys, as well as the trial and tribulations we face. Even if at any time, you do not feel you know what you are doing with your life, or where you are going, be assured that there is a a portion of you that does know. The more expanded portion of you can see with crystal clarity of your marked journey, and will continue to gently guide you on your true path.

Back in the heartland!

How do you know if you are on your true path? I hear you say, well, you judge that by the emotional feeling you derive from your every waking moment. This is heart language. Trust in your heart because it is directly connected to Source. Does it feel good or bad? Of course we are most always going to want to feel our best, so we are likely to always go for the good feeling.

Getting in our greens at the local oval

But how many times have you heard people saying "You need to think with your head!! And not your heart!" Or "You wear your heart on your sleeve!!" well yes, you should wear your heart on your sleeve, good people of Earth, because how we feel determines the course of action we are going to take.

How many times have you made a choice, knowing it doesn't feel right, but you do it anyway, and it turns out worse than expected, and you instantly regret doing it??? I think we've all been there once or twice!!

Moving with the changes of time...

Following your heart is continually flowing within your sacred space. It is directly connected to your higher psyche, your expanded self, and sees your 'greater destiny' which lays before you. Following your heart is what will keep you good health, have more joy than pain, and will see the world through rose coloured glasses, reining in a sense of peace, with who you are, what you are doing, and that which is occurring around you.

Constantly looking for greens!

So, at least for myself, I have been doing just that. I have always trusted in my higher psyche, no matter how 'shaky' or 'daring' or how 'wrong' it may feel to others at the time. I say 'others' because my family initially questioned my decision to move from El Noor, so I did not at all have anyones blessing. Sometimes it can be a lonely place to stand all alone without any support from others, but you MUST, under every circumstance, trust within what feels RIGHT to YOU. And although scary, my decision felt completely right. Your life is your own and only YOU walk your own path. Needless to say, once things started to unfold, my decision seemed to make more sense to others.

El Noor date palms settling into their new home...

Nobody around me thought I would sell El Noor as quickly as I did, let alone get my full asking price. Not one!! Not even my real estate agent. My first agent was insulted that I would ask the price I was asking and told me I was 'dreaming'.

So I went to another agent and although he also harboured the same doubt, he at least met my requests with optimism and had the attitude of "Well, I don't think You'll get what you want, but heck, lets try for a month and see what happens..." Famous last words....

Not only did El Noor have an offer within 2 weeks of listing, almost for full price, my agent called me saying his phone had been ringing off the hook.

"This is uncanny..." (his words, not mine) he said, "This type of thing has never happened before with a property out here!"

I had a little giggle to myself and wanted to scream to him what I did for a living!!!

I manifest!!!

A few days later, he called to tell me the offered had fallen through, but within an hour, had said someone else from another state had called, and wanted to offer the full price as a cash offer, AND wanted to close in 10 days.

"This is F'n UNCANNY!" he cried again through the phone. Expletives and all. His shock and surprise was the understatement of the century. Haha!

Moon Rise... noticed the name already stamped on my log cabin??

I just laughed out aloud. Even my family couldn't believe what was happening. And this was over the Christmas break!! Anybody knows that no-one does business over christmas, but true to word, settlement was due for January 19th (on my birthday--talk about the Universe having a laugh!!!!) and was the smoothest, most flawless real estate transaction I've experienced. So not only did I get exactly what I want, but everybody that doubted my intuition, got a stark reminder that believing in oneself and taking a leap of faith can pay off in a huge way. I wonder if the first real estate agent found out that I got my asking price?...

Your true path may seem rocky, but will always take you where you need to go!

Fast forward, around the same time, I heard thru the northern winds that some real estate was heading onto the market up in the sacred lands where my heart beats strongest. The wild, untamed desert, right next to Grid Point 44. My heart fluttered at the prospect. And a log cabin!! Living in wood was very appealing to me. I also had over 1.5 acres of land, 3 sheds and whatever else was on the property (how about some hurdles & high jump poles!!). Too good to be true I thought! I now had the money to pay cash for some real estate and not ever be in debt by getting stuck in a mortgage. And besides, due to the remoteness of this area, the banks were not even lending in the area!

Settling in slowly...

I soon learned that the property was hotly contended and that I was up for some stiff competition. It was the first time the Government was putting the property up for sale. I had complete faith in the Universe and was at total peace with 'what will be, will be.' What gave me optimism was that well over a year ago, I started having dreams of walking around this certain property at night...and at the time, not knowing or having any foresight that this could be my future property. Psychic energy comes in many strange ways and sometimes it can be very subtle, or can hit me so hard in the heart that it feels like an arrow thru my chest! This was subtle, but I never forgot it, and thought that it was my higher self giving me insight into the future. I folded it up and put it in the back of my heart...

Night times are beyond spectacular here!

A couple of months later, it was official that properties were up on the market. I put my bid in but that wasn't enough. The Government wanted to know what I would be doing on the property. So, true to myself, I told them, and got a smile and said "If you've been successful, we'll be in touch."

Hanging by my nails for the next month, I finally got a call advising that my bid had been successful. I was elated to say the least! Still it took a couple of months going through settlement but I am glad to say its all behind me now and the property that I had dreams of walking around at night on, is finally mine.

So I am back up in the sacred lands. There is no other place on the Earth that I would rather be. Right next to Grid Point 44, where all the major ley lines of the Earth intersect, I feel the energy high here. There is much work to do, and lots of nurturing of Mother Earth is essential.

Gorgeous barking gecko trying to warm up on a cold morning!

I have to re-learn the land, the soil, the climate and act accordingly. Winters are cold here, but not as cold as where I used to be. Summer time is a scorcher. It will be a few years of trial and error whilst Mother Earth and I learn our dance together one more time...

The subtle 'urgency' I have felt to nurture land, to live off the land has plagued me since I was travelling through Mongolia in 2013. It was one of those psychic moments when it really hit my heart and I knew thats what I had to do. My plan was to do this in Australia, and ever since arriving with less than $5 in my pocket, I have been weaving a little web upon arrival. Sometimes I went one way, then another, and now I have ended up in the centre of the web- exactly where I want to be. Life is never a straight road, and sometimes you have to give a little...dare a little, and to have some tolerance and flexibility, in order to get to your ultimate destination.

Venus never too far away from my side

Now that I am here, there is a time that Mother Nature calls for to just pay attention and listen. Where to plant this and where to plant that. And what to plant is also very important. I have come to this property and have not seen one bee yet. Not one! So already I have begun sowing 100's of seeds, thinning them out, allowing them to grow in pots until they are big enough to put out in the garden. All of my staple 'bee attractors' for this area: stock, rosemary, lavender, statice, geranium, and over 50 bottlebrush bushes that I germinated from tiny seeds over a year ago. These are fantastic insect attractors and I can't wait until they fill my gardens and I hear the 'zzzzzzzzz-ing' wherever I walk.

1st bee I encountered around this honey suckle bush! (Eremophila)

UPDATE: I took a walk last night and actually found my first buzzing bee. It was on an old eremophla bush, kids called 'the honeysuckle' when I was a kid.

Many cuttings also but namely rose cuttings for now. I have over 50 that have true roots-meaning they are taken from cutting and they are not grafted onto mother stock.

Rose planting madness! The most stubborn ground ever!

I have some apple tree cuttings that have shown promise, as well as some more apricot, peach, plum and nectarine. Time will tell how they will fare but it will save me 1000's of dollars. It already has!

I have also found a derelict bag of lupin seeds, and as they are great nitrogen fixers, I have scattered their seeds everywhere, and they are coming up in droves.

Lupin love! Great nitrogen fixers

So there is much to do on the garden side of things, as well as doing the 'internal' work on the inside of my home. My home is now a tidy, concrete-slab, log cabin built in the 1970's full of all the '70's decor. Its a dream! To not have to do any ceiling work, or have holes in my new house is wonderful.

I've managed to set up my online shop again, and I want to extend a hearty thank you to my customers for your patience while I have been on 'vacay' mode.

All the while this has been happening, I did manage to ship in one of my all time favourite scents of my life. It is called Musk Camboodi, and besides Oudh Bahaq, would have to be one of those 'all time favs'. It is my most expensive perfume oil product, because it is full of agarwood (or Dehn El Oudh), for those of you that know the sublime affects of that oil! Link for it is here.

For serious Agarwood lovers!

I can't wait to introduce some some new products in for you all, and continue to create magic (literally) on my land for you all to experience. Some of you that have purchased products that have come from this area (particularly the dirt) have felt the power of its frequency being that its surrounded by Grid Point 44, not to mention being some of the most ancient lands in the world (David Attenborough can attest to this also! He visited not so long ago)

Venus the sun worshipper

Thank you for sharing my journey with me. I hope to bring you much more as time unfolds. Many blessings to you all, and may you always be blessed with the supreme Truth and Love of the Cosmos!!

Post hole digger-- lifesaver!!!

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