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Andulairah Diaries

(Excerpt from Temple Chants 'Ceremonial Visitor' on Youtube

Andulairah Diaries

Solar cycle BC4805.45 24th Dimension

Recording taken by my cruddy old iPhone... (I hope they don't mind!!)

So since this new patcher teleportation technology has been up and running now for almost 2 years on Earth, I decided to go back in time to visit a rumour that I heard about. It’s to do with Olaf the Dark, the great abgal that was said to live to over a 1000 years on Earth, according to Uncle Sargon. I had heard that when he conducted his ceremonies deep in the deserts of Elam, a certain crowd would gather to witness the spirits coming through him.

He would play the Ney flute, and so enchanted were the Spirits by the sound of it, they would possess him, taking him over and playing the flute. I had to see this for myself. So plugging in the coordinates, I left my home in the remote Australian Outback and headed back into 4805.45 of the 24th Dimension.

Uncle Sargon always said that there were many dimensions bleeding into the other, and nothing was what it seemed to be.I was popped out and slammed in the sand, and immediately felt the stark dryness in the back of my throat. The air was hot, even though I could see Antares hanging low in the Eastern skies, it must have been almost midnight in those Zagros Mountains, as they stuck out sharp and forboding, stretching into the starry night sky.

I should have wore lighter clothes. I had no idea where to go, but I could hear the faint rhythmic beating of drums, so I followed that. I eventually found myself coming towards a darkened entrance of some sort of temple, carved out from dark granite and quickly met the eyes of others, wearing long white & dark garbs slowly entering up the stairway. I knew I looked out of place in my modern clothing, so I took off my shoes, went barefoot like everyone else, pulled my hair loose from the bun I had and wrapped my shawl over my shoulders.

The beating of the drums was hypnotic. It echoed through the natural Chambers of rock, reverberating through my heart. If only the modern world could feel this! I thought to myself. A Starway soon descended down down down, lit up by only sporadic ceramic lanterns, and I simply followed the line of people. A mixture of smells hit my nostrils, its smelled of frankincense, amber, poplar and date pollen in amongst the smells of sweat. It was stifling, and despite being so hot outside, the air was cooler inside this underground temple....

A huge precession of people had gathered, I want to say maybe 50-70 people, drummers on the inside of a circle of a burning fire, banging their drums, eyes closed, bouncing up and down in total trance. They danced in beautiful motion, totally succumbed to the majesty of the sound, the energy emanating from the souls that had gathered. The crowd swayed, clutching each others hands.

They had done this many many times before and I could feel this was their highlight of the week. Faces hardworking & beautiful, dark eyes and copious amounts of gold jewerly, they adored each other. My attention was soon drawn to a tall, rail thin man in the centre. He had long flowing black hair and a curled beard. This had to be Olaf. I immediately sensed his overbearing power...

He turned for a moment gazing in my direction. No! He surely isn’t glancing at me???

A thought instantaneously pervaded my mind:

You have travelled afar dear soul of the modern era…welcome, Sargon is with us all….

I was shocked!

Yes, he was talking to me through my mind! I almost collapsed with surprise.

He quickly took the ney that had been tucked in his waist belt and started to play in rhythm with the drums….at first it was nice and smooth, but then the sound started to become agitated, sporadic. I wondered what was going on. And then it dawned on me. I quickly saw a flash of light bursting through the ceiling of the temple, and soon enough, several wisps of white energy dashed into Olaf. The Spirits!! I thought. What a treat to see with my own eyes. The sounds became more and more agitated.

It was as if he was grappling for control over the ney, but these Spirits had other ideas. His fingers menaced across the holes, breathy and exhausted. Suddenly a woman began to bellow from the depths of her soul and entered the inside of the circle, and everyone raised their faces up towards the ceiling that began to light up from an unknown source. I was dumbfounded.

Wait! Did I just see Phaedon?


Those dark endless eyes are unmistakeable. I am sure it was him passing slowly behind a patron. He's looking my way! A haze grew over the entire crowd and everything became blurry, I couldn't see him anymore! I swear it was him....and I started to feel very weird.

What was happening?

I felt as though something had taken over my body. It was hedonistic and all I could do was surrender to it. It was way too overbearing and powerful.

My body began swaying to the rhythm of the drums. I took the hands of those next to me and suddenly felt images of an unknown world touch my mind's eye. Where was this place I thought? It was beautiful, unlike anything I had seen. A place of great majesty. Of beauty and purity.

The word Procyon kept entering my head. I knew of Procyon. It’s a star! Who were these light beings coming towards me? My God they were gorgeous! A love emanated from them like no other!

I had never felt such love and power combined. Flashes of a place tucked away…hidden somewhere on another world...a jewel covered in mist with 3 shadowy figures….I am feeling like I am in the presence of the Trinity…Really??

Oh no, I feel a black out coming on. I am shaking uncontrollably. Suddenly I am laying down face down in the dirt next to my mulberry tree. What? I hear the crickets. They don’t sound like the ancient ones. I roll over and look up at the stars. Antares is high over my head. I hear a car drive past my place. Oh, I am back in 2023. I shakily stand to my feet and realise I have no shoes on. Left back deep in the Zagros Mountains in BC4805….I smiled to myself and staggered back into my house, washed my feet and face and flopped onto my bed, putting my hand to my head.

Life is such a mystery….

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